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The Association “Casa della Memoria di Urbisaglia” has the aim of promoting research on the Internment Camp of Urbisaglia (Italy), and of collecting and providing information about the people who were imprisoned there from 1940 to 1943. It also aims to affirm the values of peace, of democracy and solidarity, and pay tribute to the victims of fascist repression and to all those who opposed the barbarity of war and racism.

To do this it intends to activate a series of actions to support historical research such as the digitization of documents concerning the internment camp of Urbisaglia, the organization of conferences, the publication of books and articles, the establishment of scholarships and awards.

The building that housed the camp, Villa Bandini, suffered serious damage by the 2016 earthquake in Central Italy and even if the rooms that housed the internees are closed to the public now, the funding that the government will provide for its restoration allows Fondazione Giustiniani Bandini -the owner of the villa- to plan a museum  to commemorate the people who lived there a tragic moment of their life. As it will take a few years before the museum will be established, the Association will work to collect information, documents, photos and biographies of the internees that are to be remembered in the museum.

This is our way to pay homage to the victims of fascist repression and racial laws, to the victims of our grandparents’ indifference and silent complicity.

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The donations made to the Association “Casa della Memoria di Urbisaglia ETS” are fiscally deductible or deductible according to the limits established by tax legislation if made through traceable payment methods.

For donations aimed at particular projects such as the establishment of scholarships, graduation awards or publications, please send us an email.