Hechtenthal (Efraim Baruch) Bruno

Hechtenthal (Efraim Baruch) Bruno


Original Name
Bruno was original born Efraim Baruch Hechtenthal. His parents were Ruchel Eisenberg, daughter of Abraham Yaakov and Frime Eisenbergaiv, and Mordko Hechtenthal, son of Joseph and Chany Estry Hechtenthal.

Birth Record
Efraim Baruch was born on October 25, 1886 at Jezierzany .The bris was held on November 1, 1886 in Jezierzany. He was born illegitimate. His parents later married on January 30, 1891, in accordance with the Civil Law; marriage certificate recorded in Vol. 1, p.91 record #2. The father was Mordko Hechtenthal, a merchant and real estate proprietor in Jezierzany. The mother was married, in accordance with the Jewish tradition, to Mordko Hechtenthal. She was the daughter of Abraham Isak and Frima Eisenberg, merchants from Jezierzany. Witnesses were Mendel Neuman, beadle from Jezierzany and Aron Apfelbaum, a horse merchant from Jezierzany. Note: As requested by the mother, I agree for the child’s father’s name to be recorded in this birth certificate. Remarks: I accept the paternity of the child. Witnessed by the school cantor. Signed by Moti (Mordko) Hechtenthal.

A Rich Extended Family
Efraim Baruch was born into a rich extended family with numerous aunts, uncles and cousins living in the vicinity of Jezierzany.  From what we can tell from original birth records, his siblings included:
1875 – Mirayim (daughter)
1877 – Reise – (daughter) – died in childhood
1878 – Simi (daughter) – died in 1942 at Maly Trostenets Extermination Camp
1880 – Abraham Isak Eisenberg (son)
1883 – Aba (son)  – may have immigrated to the United States
1885 – Twin boys – died in infancy
1886 – Ephraim Baruch (later known as Bruno) – died in the Holocaust
1888 – Chana Ester (daughter) – died in childhood
1893 – Josepf Gedalie (son) – emigrated to the United States and married Margaret Kamm in 1923, Chicago, Illinois, USA

Efraim Baruch eventually started using the name Bruno.
He married Anna Sussman, born August 5, 1886, and they ended up living in Vienna.  They lived at 20. Raffaelgasse, 1/12 between 1918 and 1933.

They appear to have had three children who were born with the family name Sussmann (or Sussman):

  • Sigfried, born in 1910
  • Karl born in 1912
  • Berta born in either September 6, 1912 She later lived at Rauscherstrasse, Vienna and was deported on Feb. 10, 1944 to Auschwitz via Camp Drancy (France). She did not survive.

Death of Bruno’s Wife Anna
Anna Sussmann Hechtenthal died on August 2, 1933. She is buried in the Zentralfriedhof. At the time of her death, she was a housewife.
When Anna died, Bruno was noted as the legal guardian of any minor children. At the time Anna died, it was said that she had no money, nothing. The funeral was funded by the Jewish community.

 After Anna’s Death
At some point, Bruno moved to Macerata, Italy where he lived from 1939 – 1940. He lived at Abruzzi 225. About 60 other Jewish men lived in Macerata until Bruno, along with the others, were arrested and interned. He was transferred to Sforzacosta in September 1943. On November 24, 1943, he was moved to Mogliano. On February 11, 1944, he was moved to Pollenza.

Dr. Chaim Sternbach and Bruno were interned together in the Villa Bandini in Urbisaglia from about 1940 – 1943. They knew each other there and their friendship endured.

Dr. Sternbach was transported to Auschwitz on February 11, 1944, however Bruno’s fate is unknown.

In Conclusion
Although we know few details about Bruno’s life, we are grateful for his presence on this earth, for his love for his family, for his wife Anna and his children, for his friendships and for his spirit and courage.