Otto Bauer

Otto Bauer

OTTO BAUER (1896 – ? )

Otto Bauer was born in Friedeck-Mistek on 09/28/1896.

Fourth son of Leopold Bauer and Flora Zeisl, he left Vienna in August 1939 to escape the persecution of the Jews carried out after Austria’s annexation of Germany. Arriving in Milan on a transit visa, he was arrested in June 1940 and transferred to the Urbisaglia internment camp, where he arrived on July 25, 1940.

After 8 September 1943 he left the field and was kept hidden by a peasant family in Mogliano until his liberation from the Nazi-Fascist occupation in July 1944.

In 1945 he was present in the refugee camp n. 34 of Santa Maria al Bagno (Lecce), where he married Linger Zdenka, a Yugoslavian citizen.

At the end of the war he probably returned to Vienna. At the present stage of the research, we do not know the date of death of Otto Bauer and the name of the family that provided him with a safe haven in Mogliano.

His stay in the Urbisaglia camp is characterized by the production of a work in verse on the events of another inmate, Isidor Jakubowski. The book, printed in a single copy with Renzo Bonfiglioli’s typewriter and illustrated with five watercolor plates by Bruno Pincherle, is kept at the Jewish Museum in Vienna.